perry perry quiet contrary

Governor Perry has been accused countless times of being Gay. Rumors happen, but for some they can be more harmful when rooted from hate or aggression. Are you willing to takes his enemies word for it? read for yourself.


panic and prices

Panic can often drive rumors, as well as drive people to gas stations! Anxieties after hurricane Rita meant the spreading of the rumors that gas stations were soon to be completely out of fuel. This of course was not at all true. Next time you are feeling the need to fill up for $5.50 a gallon you might want to slow your roll.

Hungry for Lies?

Seems everybody these days is hungry for more and more connections to media. Do you have a phone? Do you have a TV? Do you listen to the radio, follow social media cites, or magazines, or even main news groups? The more of these questions you answered with yes, the more lies you are most likely being fed. If you are expecting truth from those wanting to hide it the most you might want to think again, and check this link out!

The Presidency “is not some crown” to be passed between families

O’Malley for president? It seems he feels some families are handed presidential positions.What does that say about how he views us voters? Watch out guys, you might want to check up on who may be leading our dear country one day soon! check out this link to decide for yourself if he has little faith in voters or large issues with how the country is being led. Yay or Nay to O’Malley for president?